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Typical team warehouse day

A couple team members arrive on their set monthly work day

Take a break and enjoy a hot lunch in the breakroom

Receive an extra food box for your family

Workers build pallets of food for other teams' weekly load

Clean the warehouse 

Team Roles

Team Leader - Member for minimum of 12 months who will organize all team logistics including assigning roles, leading meetings.....

Team Officers - Each team needs a Secretary to take notes at the meeting and communicate new information to members, a Treasurer to collect monthly dues, and....

Site Host - A member can offer their home as their team site without being the Team Leader. Suitable locations have enough space in a garage or a yard with coverings to sort and protect food, parking, and understanding neighbors. It is also possible to coordinate a location with a local church or a similar facility. Ideally, sites also have enough trash and recycling bins to handle leftover packaging and refrigeration if members cannot collect food in a narrow time window.

Hauler - Teams send one or two members to the warehouse to collect food each week. They have a regularly assigned time to arrive in the morning and must able to load food from the pallet into their own vehicle before driving safely to the local site. A large vehicle such as a minivan is okay for a small team, but having a truck makes the job even easier. 

Warehouse Worker - Each month teams will send 1-3 members to work in the warehouse on a set day which is not their own team load day. They will build pallets for other teams, sort through new donations, and clean the facility. Workers need to be strong enough to live heavy boxes and walk on concrete for several hours of the day. It is a rewarding day in itself, but also comes with a hot lunch made right in our own kitchen and an extra food box to take home at the end of the day.

Sorter - When the food arrives at the site it is then sorted into each team member's box.  They should be able to lift heavy boxes and work quickly to ensure the fast redistribution of refrigerated and frozen items.

Bread Runner - Many teams are matched with a specific grocery store which gives them day-old bread and pastries on their team day. One member with a vehicle does the 'bread run' at a set time and brings it to the site before the regular load arrives. This added bonus is greatly appreciated by members.