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We share food

We collect food from businesses and individual donors then quickly redistribute it to our members and their adoptees as well as share with other charities and churches from our abundance.  We reduce economic hardship and increase food options for over 5,000 Clackamas County residents weekly.

We reduce waste

The food we receive may not be able to be sold, but remains perfectly safe to eat.  Some due to over purchasing and other at their best by date.  By rescuing it from its path to the landfill, we reduce waste and negative environmental impacts.  Anything unfit for human consumption is also saved and goes to our network of pig farmers.  We also receive used clothing and household goods donations, which are available to our members and adoptees at no additional cost.

We build community

As a 100% volunteer organization, we rely on each other to accomplish our mission.  Each day dozens of us work side by side to move pallets in and out of the warehouse, sort food at team sites, punch in data and pay bills in the office, organize durable donations in the resources center, and so much more.  By working together we build relationships and a stronger community within Gleaners and throughout Clackamas County.